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The connection between humans and nature is a powerful and indescribable bond that has been celebrated through art for centuries. At 888 Divine, we offer a collection of unique, handcrafted objects that inspire, comfort, and nourish the divine energy within us all. Our limited edition pieces are created by artists from around the world, united by their passion for transformative energy and the magic of art.



Rychard Syncak's handcrafted Bohemian Crystal limited edition carafes

Inspired by Masaru Emoto’s work on the power of intention and water, healing crystals and and nature’s equation – the Golden curve.

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Wayang Kulit - Balinese Ceremonial Puppets

This is the story of I Ketut Darsana, descendant of a line Balinese Puppeteers, known as Dalangs, keepers of the art and traditions of the mystical island of Bali. Tucked away near the famed Sukhawati Temple, home to silversmiths, wood carvers, artists, painters, and sculptors who in times past served the famed Sukawati Palace and it temples. Ketut Darsan traces his roots to legendary Dalang I Nyoman Krekek, legend claims to have wrestled with the Demon Leek who with his knowledge of the mystical and spiritual enabled him to overcome Leak.

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Crafted by a Balinese artisan, this exquisite jewelry embodies timeless elegance and reverence for nature.

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