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Hand blown crafterd Bohemian crystal

Purity and Perception:

  • Water embodies cleanliness, its surface a mirror reflecting the world around it.
  • Its smoothness soothes our senses, inviting us to touch and feel its gentle flow.
  • Transparency reveals its inner depths, allowing us to perceive its subtle energies.

Crystal Energy:

  • The sparkling energy of crystals infuses water with vibrancy and intention.
  • Imagine sunlight dancing on the surface, refracted through crystal facets—an alchemical dance of light and life.

Elevating Ordinary Water:

  • Ordinary water lacks the magic we seek. By introducing crystal energy, we transform it.
  • The clean, clear appearance becomes a canvas for intention, a vessel for something more profound.

The Golden Ratio and Craftsmanship:

  • The Golden Ratio, a divine proportion found in nature and art, weaves its magic.
  • Crystal and handwork converge—the skilled hands of artisans shaping vessels of purpose.

ViaHuman Crystal Carafe:

  • This carafe, born from intention, harmonizes water.
  • It’s more than a container; it’s a conduit for abundance, purity, and balance.
  • As water rests within, it absorbs the essence of crystal and intention, ready to nourish and uplift.

In the quiet moments when we pour from the ViaHuman Crystal Carafe, we honor life’s sacred flow. 


Wooden carafe piedestal 160mm natural

Crystal White

SKU: K008
€270.00 Regular Price
€243.00Sale Price
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