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Welcome to our boutique, where each creation is a whisper from the Universe. Our story began with a mystical number—888—encountered from Chisinau to Jakarta, a sign we couldn’t ignore. It led us on a journey of inspiration, from meditation to manifestation.


Here, we met artisans whose hands weave dreams into reality. Our sketches, once dormant on paper, were brought to life in Sukawati, the cradle of Balinese craftsmanship. Our jewelry, now a conscious dream realized, is a tribute to the natural world, the cosmos, and the energy of love.


We’ve been graced by the wisdom of Ketut Dersana, whose art and puppets opened new dimensions. Richard Synčák’s carafes, inspired by Emoto’s vision of water, blend crystals and Bohemian crystal in a symphony of elements.

We look forward to consistently adding more

Our boutique is a sanctuary for the soulful works of artisans, where each piece is a spiritual journey materialized. Join us in a space where artistry meets spirituality. 

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