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The elegant curves of the Bohemian hand blown crafted cascading decanter, designed in the Golden Cut style, hold more than mere aesthetics. 

Golden Cut Design:

  • The spatial principle underlying the Golden Cut design infuses the decanter with a sense of proportion and harmony.
  • This ancient mathematical ratio, often found in art and architecture, resonates with balance and beauty.

Influence of Semi-Precious Stones in Orgonite:

  • The decanter draws energy from semi-precious stones embedded within its structure.
  • Rosinite, the dominant mineral, subtly contributes to the overall effect. Its energies align with the pink color of orgonite.

Orgonite and Fluorescent Emission:

  • Orgonite, known for its metaphysical properties, interacts with the environment.
  • The fluorescent emission of orgonite, visible in darkness, adds an intriguing dimension.
  • Imagine the decanter glowing softly, radiating its harmonizing energy even when the lights are low.

Chakra Stones and Abundance:

  • The inclusion of basic chakra stones amplifies the decanter’s purpose.
  • As water flows through, it absorbs the essence of these stones, promoting balance and vitality.

Practical Details:

  • The birch wood base provides stability, grounding the ethereal design.
  • The natural shade complements the overall aesthetic, connecting the decanter to its earthly origins.

In summary, this decanter transcends utility—it becomes a conduit for intention, energy, and beauty. Place it in your space, and let its subtle magic unfold.

Crystal Rosinite

SKU: K006
€290.00 Regular Price
€261.00Sale Price
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