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a central figure in Hinduism, embodies wisdom with his elephant head, attentive listening with large ears, and success with his trunk symbolizing Om. His human form and potbelly represent life’s bounty and protection. His four arms reflect inner qualities, with objects like a lotus for enlightenment and a hatchet for detachment. The single tusk signifies focus, and the mouse at his feet denotes controlled desire. As a symbol of good fortune and obstacle removal, Ganesha is honored at new beginnings for assured success and guidance.

Encased within a museum-grade sanctuary, this puppet is not merely an object, but a relic of cultural heritage. Accompanie by a wall-mountable display frame, it is presented with the reverence it deserves, a treasure available exclusively in the halls of museums.Crafted with meticulous care, the protective cover is imbued with anti-microbial properties and is acid-free, ensuring the artifact remains untouched by time and decay.The puppet itself, a canvas of buffalo leather, comes alive with strokes of paint applied by hand. Each hue, each line, tells a story of tradition, a testament to the artisan’s skill—a legacy preserved in pigment and leather.This transformation aims to convey the craftsmanship and care that goes into both the puppet and its preservation.

Dewa Ganesha

SKU: P004
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