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Indra, hero of immense power :

the sovereign of the celestial beings and the realm of heaven, reigns supreme in the pantheon of Hindu deities. His dominion extends over the vast expanse of the sky, commanding the elements of lightning and thunder, orchestrating the symphony of storms and rains, and guiding the course of rivers. As a deity of war, he embodies the valor and might that ensure cosmic order.

In the sacred hymns of the Rigveda, Indra’s name resounds with the highest frequency, a testament to his revered status. He is lauded as the embodiment of cosmic order, the vanquisher of Vritra, a formidable asura whose presence threatened the well-being of humanity. By defeating Vritra and his illusory powers, Indra dispels darkness, ushers in life-giving rain, and heralds the return of the nurturing sun, thus securing his role as humanity’s protector.


Encased within a museum-grade sanctuary, this puppet is not merely an object, but a relic of cultural heritage. Accompanie by a wall-mountable display frame, it is presented with the reverence it deserves, a treasure available exclusively in the halls of museums.

Crafted with meticulous care, the protective cover is imbued with anti-microbial properties and is acid-free, ensuring the artifact remains untouched by time and decay.

The puppet itself, a canvas of buffalo leather, comes alive with strokes of paint applied by hand. Each hue, each line, tells a story of tradition, a testament to the artisan’s skill—a legacy preserved in pigment and leather.

This transformation aims to convey the craftsmanship and care that goes into both the puppet and its preservation.

Dewa Indra

SKU: P003
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