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Dewa Brahma,

also known as Brahma, holds significant symbolism in Balinese Hindu mythology.origin of all life and created heaven, earth, the realm of spirits, and the universe as the perfect environment for his creatures.


Brahma is depicted as a four-faced God (Caturmukha Brahma), each face looking toward one of the four cardinal directions.

Brahma is the creator of the earth and the universe.

He is associated with knowledgecreativity, and wisdom.

Together with his wife, Dewi Saraswati (the goddess of wisdom, art, and literature), Brahma brought creativity and knowledge to the earth.

“The symbolism of Brahma resonates with the profound cultural legacy and spiritual convictions of the Balinese community.”

His color is red, and he rides on a white swan.

Brahma rules over the southern direction.


Encased within a museum-grade sanctuary, this puppet is not merely an object, but a relic of cultural heritage. Accompanie by a wall-mountable display frame, it is presented with the reverence it deserves, a treasure available exclusively in the halls of museums.Crafted with meticulous care, the protective cover is imbued with anti-microbial properties and is acid-free, ensuring the artifact remains untouched by time and decay.The puppet itself, a canvas of buffalo leather, comes alive with strokes of paint applied by hand. Each hue, each line, tells a story of tradition, a testament to the artisan’s skill—a legacy preserved in pigment and leather.This transformation aims to convey the craftsmanship and care that goes into both the puppet and its preservation.


Dewa Brahama

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