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in Hindusism represents the eneffable essence of the universe. As in the salutation Namaste represents the divine essence in all beings, The artistic symbol of Shiva represents the qualities of  life experienced through our mind and senses that one must seek mastery of to experience the effulgence, the energy of our life experience. Beyond our perceptions lie reality.


This Wayang Kulit puppet, a heritage piece, is displayed with honor in a museum-quality frame. Protected by an anti-microbial, acid-free cover, it resists time’s wear. Hand-painted on buffalo leather, each color and stroke narrates the rich traditions and the artisan’s mastery. A legacy captured in color and material, it epitomizes the dedication to preserving such craftsmanship. Recognized by UNESCO, it’s a cultural treasure

Dewa Siwa/ Shiva

SKU: P002
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