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The cascading shape of the hand blown crafterd Bohemian crystal carafe, with its elegant curves, invites us to explore its hidden depths. The elements that compose this captivating vessel:

Oak Wood Base:

  • The lower part of the carafe, crafted from oak wood, adds warmth and earthiness.
  • Oak, a symbol of strength and endurance, grounds the design.

Crystal Tip and Garnet Crystals:

  • At the pinnacle, a large crystal tip crowns the carafe. Imagine it catching the light, refracting energy.
  • Garnet crystals, with their deep red hues, infuse passion and vitality.
  • Together, they form a harmonious triad—wood, crystal, and gemstone.

Peony Flower:

  • The inclusion of a peony flower introduces delicate beauty. Peonies symbolize prosperity and grace.
  • Imagine the carafe cradling this bloom, a vessel for both water and nature’s ephemeral art.

Rustic Integration:

  • The carafe seamlessly integrates into rustic interiors. It doesn’t impose; it belongs.
  • Amid solid wooden furnishings, it becomes a natural extension, a silent storyteller.

Luxurious Efficiency:

  • Crafted exclusively by hand, this carafe marries luxury with efficiency.
  • Its appearance—natural yet opulent—speaks of intention and purpose.
  • As water flows through, it absorbs the essence of wood, crystal, and garnet, revitalizing and harmonizing.

In this vessel, we find more than water; we find a bridge between the tangible and the mystical—a testament to craftsmanship and intention. 



Wooden carafe piedestal 160mm natural

Crystal Peony

SKU: K012
€300.00 Regular Price
€270.00Sale Price
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