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Feather Pendant

                                   Handmade Balinese Silver Necklace 

 In many cultures, a feather is a powerful symbol that carries various meanings:

  • Protection: Feathers are often associated with guardian spirits and divine protectors. They are seen as gifts from the sky, sea, and trees, and are used in many indigenous cultures for cleansing and purification rituals.

  • Guidance: Feathers are seen as messages from the spiritual world, guiding us through life and helping us navigate our spiritual path.

  • Freedom: The ability of birds to fly high into the sky has led to their feathers being associated with the idea of freedom. This symbolizes the ability to move freely in life, to travel, and to explore.

  • Hope: Feathers can symbolize hope, as they often appear when we need encouragement and motivation. They remind us to stay light-hearted and keep a positive outlook on life.

So, a piece of jewelry with a feather can be a beautiful and meaningful accessory. 

The number 8 in Chinese culture is simbolising wealth, is also considered a lucky number in Japan,In Pythagorean numerology the number 8 represents victory, prosperity and overcoming.


Details weight: necklace 8 gr

pearl 0.2 gr

feather  4.2 gr

chain  ( 2 mm ) 3,6 gr

Dimension: 3 cm x 1 cm 

Lenght necklace 50cm +2 inch extra chain 

Feather with 8 & pearl

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