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The Aurum decanter, meticulously crafted from hand blown Bohemian crystal, embodies a harmonious blend of artistry, symbolism, and functionality. Let’s delve into its captivating features:

Bluish Tint and Bubbles:

  • The glass, with its slightly bluish tint and intriguing bubbles, reflects the fusion of craftsmanship and nature.
  • This unique color and texture elevate the decanter beyond mere utility.

Golden Elements:

  • Pure gold takes center stage in the design, manifesting in three distinct forms:
    • Swirling flakes of gold leaves: These delicate embellishments dance across the surface, evoking opulence.
    • Gold on small crystals: Each crystal becomes a canvas for gilded elegance.
    • Sun symbol at the decanter’s base: A radiant emblem, perhaps invoking cosmic energy or enlightenment.

Symbolic Significance:

  • The 24-carat gold, clear natural crystal, and the Fibonacci sequence converge in a harmonious union.
  • The Fibonacci sequence, known for its mathematical elegance, symbolizes growth, balance, and abundance.
  • The Aurum decanter becomes a conduit for these energies, inviting its user to experience life as fulfilled and joyful.

Water Quality and Beyond:

  • Beyond its impact on water quality, the Aurum decanter transcends functionality.
  • Its golden design resonates with prosperity, while the black base adds grounding and contrast.
  • Placed within an interior, it transforms into a decorative centerpiece, commanding attention and admiration.

In essence, the Aurum decanter isn’t just a vessel—it’s a symbolic journey, an ode to abundance, and a testament to the interplay of art and intention.


Golden Pyramid

SKU: K014
€584.00 Regular Price
€525.60Sale Price
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