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Bali Leaf

Handmade Balinese Silver Necklace .

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting nature of Bali and designed on the island itself, this jewelry embodies the essence of Balinese beauty. Each piece is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and the exquisite natural surroundings of Bali.Whether it’s a necklace inspired by the lush tropical flora , this jewelry is a tribute to the island’s captivating charm. 

Also this necklace can be  an excellent choice for a meaningful gift .


Details weight: necklace 6 gr

Pawa shell  1 gr

Leaf 2gr

chain  ( 2 mm ) 3,0 gr

Dimension 4,2cm x 2,4 cm 

Lenght necklace 50cm +2 inch extra chain 

Bali Leaf

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