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The Golden Ratio Design brings an elegant touch to decanters, emphasizing the harmonious curves and spatial principles. When combined with semi-precious stones in orgonite, it enhances the effectiveness of the decanter.

Let’s explore the fascinating elements at play here:

Golden Ratio  Design:

  • The Golden   Ratio design is inspired by the proportions found in nature, such as the Fibonacci sequence. It creates visually pleasing and balanced shapes.
  • In decanters, this design adds aesthetic appeal and a sense of harmony.

Semi-Precious Stones in Orgonite:

  • Orgonite is a blend of organic and inorganic materials, often including resin and quartz crystal. It’s believed to balance energy levels in our environment.
  • Semi-precious stones, like crystal tips, are commonly used in orgonite. They interact with energy fields and promote well-being.
  • Crystal tips, with their universal influence, align well with chakra stones and circles.

Chakra Stones and Circles:

  • Chakra stones correspond to energy centers in our bodies. Each chakra has specific properties and colors.
  • The rainbow spectrum of chakra stones complements the crystal tip’s energy.
  • Together, they create a holistic and balanced energy flow.

Practical Base and Birch Wood Stopper:

  • The practical base ensures stability and functionality.
  • The birch wood stopper, in its natural shade, adds an organic touch.

Water Revitalization:

  • Handcrafted entirely, this decanter combines aesthetics with functionality.
  • When used for water, it revitalizes and harmonizes the energy, making it a unique and efficient vessel.

Remember, the beauty of this decanter lies not only in its appearance but also in its ability to enhance our well-being through thoughtful design and natural materials. 🌟🍶


SKU: K005
€305.00 Regular Price
€274.50Sale Price
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