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The concept of a decanter is fascinating. It serves as more than just a vessel; it becomes a conduit for creativity and harmony. Let’s explore the elements you’ve described:

Material and Shape:

  • The hand-blown decanter made of forest glass is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Forest glass, with its organic origins, adds a touch of nature to the design.
  • The incorporation of the golden section in its shape suggests a harmonious proportion, evoking balance and beauty.

Water Harmonization:

  • Water, often associated with life and energy, finds a unique connection with the decanter. It becomes a medium for harmonization.
  • The decanter’s design allows it to interact with various sources of water, creating a synergy that transcends mere utility.

Crystal and Minerals:

  • The bulge at the bottom of the carafe serves as a canvas for further customization.
  • Imagine inserting a large crystal, a druse, or a blend of natural unprocessed minerals. Each choice imparts a distinct energy or intention.
  • The flexibility to change these stones adds an element of adaptability and personalization.

Practical Details:

  • The inclusion of a dust stopper ensures that the water remains pure and undisturbed.
  • The birch wood base provides stability and complements the overall design.


  • The glass masters’ precise work elevates the decanter from a functional object to an original design accessory.
  • Its suitability for rustic, natural, or vintage interiors makes it versatile and adaptable.

In summary, this hand-blown decanter embodies both form and function, inviting us to appreciate the interplay of aesthetics, energy, and practicality. It’s more than a vessel—it’s an expression of creativity and intention.


Clear Vintage Green

SKU: K011
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